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   Suzhou, located in the middle of China¡¯s Yangtze River Delta, north to Yangtze River, west to Lake Tai, east to sea, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal from south to north, with dense rivers and lakes as a network, and water area occupying 42.5% of whole city¡¯s area, is a region with maximum collection of manual watercourse, famous as ¡°Oriental Water City¡±.

    In 2006, Suzhou was ranked no.1 in China¡¯s cities with the investment value evaluated by world top 500 enterprises; Suzhou Industrial Park also was awarded as the top one with the most attraction. It is one of the main accumulative location of ventures from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and other countries and regions in Asia-Pacific, the total foreign invested capital has exceeded Shanghai for successive 5 years as No.1 in China. In total, 113 in world Top 500 enterprises have established their branch in Suzhou, in which 349 enterprises were established through this investment.

    Suzhou¡¯s GDP is RMB 570 billion in 2007, ranked no.5 in China (next to Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen), no.2 in East China (next to Shanghai), no.1 in China¡¯s prefecture cities, becoming a practical economic metropolis.

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