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Gateway to Suzhou /Gateway to the East

Inspiration of Building Form

Curtain Wall Concept

Landscape Design Concept

Urban Landmark
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Art of Architecture
Gallant and stately manner in Han and Tang
Elegance left by the preceding reigns of Kangxi and Qianlong in Qing Dynasty, so as to incorporate the cultures from both the West and China
Going through all the vicissitudes, however, the graceful bearing left by the ancient state of Wu can not be concealed
The universe changes to manifest the glory today
Gate of the Orient
Impressive grand sight
Even-handed attitude
Gigantic ensemble
Ingeniously and delicately appearance
Wonderful workmanship excelling nature
Inclusive of everything
Creation of the architecture paragon in the century
Just like
Eiffel Tower in France
Sydney Opera House in Australia
Statue of Liberty in U.S.A

Condensed as the eternal symbol and artificial scenery of the city


Orient Gate in Suzhou
The first gate in the world
Total height: 278 m; height of gate opening: 230 m; span: 60m
The largest-sized architecture in ChinaOverall floorage for the building unit
The largest architecture in JiangsuIt shall be the new landmark in Jiangsu
Twin tower design concept of Gate of the Orient is based on classical gardens in Suzhou , which are tranquil and elegant as well as integrates both the practicability and the aroma. The courtyards cover the whole design, including the architectural design and the garden design, so as to maximize the inheritance of historical culture in Suzhou .
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